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How can we give you a price for your website?

Everyone always wants to know exactly how much their projetct will cost before they get in contact with us or want to get a rough idea so they can compare with other places. Unfortunately, the easiest answer we can give you to the cost of your site is……well, it depends. 

There are usually two different approaches to pricing a website.
#1 is to give you an upfront price for a set template that is sold to any customer that walks in the door wanting a website. This doesn’t take into account the individual needs for your business and how to reach your ideal customer.

#2 Many web agencies try to avoid talking about price and evade this question aiming to talk about all of the things they will do for you using fancy jargon and big words that sound impressive.

Our Approach

We want to be as transparent as possible with our pricing however, we also know from experience that each project we take on will be completely different to the one before it. That is why we have developed a process that involves a discover session. In this discovery session we will ask as many questions as possible so that we can understand your business and its situation to assist you to reach your goals when creating a website. After this discovery session and only once we fully understand the purpose of your project we will present you with a proposal which will indicate everything we will do and how much the final cost will be. 

We cannot give you a realistic price unless we understand your project fully and we won’t start any work on your website until you have signed off on our proposal and pricing. This means that from the very start you will know exactly what we are doing, exactly how long it should take us and exactly what it will cost without any surprises.

We may not be able to give you an actual price on your project but we can tell you that our pricing for sites starts from $2000. If this is outside of your budget then maybe we are not the right fit for you. But if you still need a hand to find someone who is get in touch with us and we can always refer you to another quality web designer.


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