Our Process

Without a quality process we wouldn’t be able to deliver a quality result

1. Know your business

Our first order of business is getting to know your business. We want to know your purpose, offering, target audience and goals for the project. 

Now, we know you probably wouldn’t go to a web designer expecting them to do all of this but at WYD Digital we do things differently. We believe that you need some who understand yours buisness and wants to build a relationship with you not just create a website from a template and send you an invoice. 

We want to hear what you goals are for your business and this project so that we can evaluate and determine the best solutions for you moving forward. Every business is unique and the solution that we design needs to suit your unique offering.

That is why every project that we consider will begin with a clarity session where we do a deep dive to determine whether or not we are the best fit for your project. Want to start this process? Why not fill in our contact form to get in touch or head straight over to our project enquiry form. 

2. The Go Ahead

Once we have gotten to know you and your business we will set about creating a website blueprint just for you. This will outline all of our ideas, our research and what we think is the best solution for your business needs. It will include all costing and of course, a full scope of works that will be completed by us. 

At this stage if you are happy we can sign off on the project and begin designing. 

3. Design & Development

We believe that to get the best outcome we should design first and develop second. This means that we will create a mockup for your website of the structure and layout so that you can see what it will look like. Once you are happy with this structure we can move into development. 

Development is where the hard work occurs. This is when we need all of your images and content to bring your new, custom website to life. 

Throughout this phase we will continue to keep in regular contact and show you how we are progressing so that we can try to get you the best website for your exact needs.

4. The launch Party

Once everything has been finalised and built we can launch your website!
This is one of our favourite parts of the process as we get to be a part of the launch of your brand new website that is designed to assist your business move forward. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a client’s dream website be launched online. 

5. Our Relationship

Once your website has launched we don’t want to say goodbye. We believe that the most effective digital strategies are built over time and through relationships. Building an digital presence is more then just having a website. We can assist with ongoing maintenance of your site, ongoing optimisation, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), inbound marketing, updating your site and so many other things too.

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